Aspire One Cloudbook-Worthy of its price

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The Aspire One Cloudbook is a Windows laptop specially designed to get you into the “cloud” faster and with more ease. It’s one of the cheapest laptops on the market today, available for under $200. The laptop is of modest size, its screen being 11.6 inches, but its insides are what count. Here are the overall pros and cons.

Aspire One Cloudbook Review

Aspire One Cloudbook review

Technical Specs

ProcessorsIntel Celeron N3050 1.6 GHz
Screen Size11.6-Inch HD Screen
Screen Resolution1366x768
Hard Drive32 GB Internal Storage
Graphics CoprocessorIntel HD Graphics
Optical DriveNo
Operating SystemWindows 10
Weight1 pounds
OtherMicrosoft Office 365 Personal 1-Year Subscription


Price: Needless to say, the best feature about Aspire One Cloudbook is the remarkable price of under $200. With a price that low, this laptop is an inexpensive way to get access to a lot of great features, including Office and full functioning Wi-Fi.

Comes with Upgrade: This laptop comes installed with Windows 10, which saves the buyer the hassle of having to upgrade—that is, until Windows 11 comes along. Windows 10 runs remarkably well. It will lag when you boot up your laptop for the first time, but that’s only because it’s performing updates.


Trackpad: The trackpad is highly responsive, especially for a laptop under $200. You can change the sensitivity if you’re not happy with it, but if you get used to it, you can work very efficiently.


Aspire One Cloudbook deal


Battery Life: The battery life is as advertised, a solid seven to eight hours of working with basic applications, but if you are watching a movie or playing a game, the battery will drain quicker.


Keyboard: Although the trackpad works well, the keyboard is a huge downfall. Because of the laptop’s small size, the keyboard feels a bit cramped. This may suit small-handed women, but for a man with large hands, it can be a deal breaker.


Gaming/Streaming: Gamers, beware. Although the device comes with an impressive 2GB of RAM, more than a PC would typically have at this price, the Aspire One Cloudbook unfortunately does not function well with games. For example, one of the most popular PC games, Minecraft, can barely boot past the main menu. In addition, streaming plays well most of the time, but sometimes lags, not to mention drains the battery.


Conclusion About Aspire One Cloudbook

Although the Aspire One Cloudbook has some drawbacks, it is definitely worth its price. If you’re not a gamer and don’t mind having a small laptop, this is a perfectly efficient piece of machinery that you should be happy with. If you want a little more power and battery life, you’d probably be happier with something that has more RAM.