Best 3TB External Hard Drive 2015

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If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for the best 3TB external hard drive out there. When I refer to be someone like me, I am referring to someone who is tech nerd when it comes to finding the best 3TB hard drive. For some of us, just using Dropbox and your hard drive is just enough for you to get by; for the smarter of us, we would love to take things further with an external hard drive. May I introduce you to one in particular?

Tips To Buy Best External Hard Drive

Before you just jump in willy-nilly, ready to spill your hard-earned dough on an external hard drive, it’s imperative that you know how to buy an external hard drive. There are two types of external hard drives. The first one is the desktop-style drive which requires a power adapter. In other words, you’re mobile, you’re going to have to treat your laptop or tablet with MP3 and only carry the most sensitive and most paramount data with you on the go. The most that desktop-style drives can hold up to now is 6 TBs (terabytes). However, if you have to understand that some desktop will place some mechanisms inside the hard drive TWICE so a 4 TB hard drive could mean a 8 TB hard drive. When going shopping for a hard drive, look for one with a built-in fan so it will last longer.

Another set of drives are called solid-state drives (SSDs) as these drives are for the notebook and mobile laptop counterparts. Unlike the desktop external hard drive, these drives are painfully rare. Nevertheless, they’re expensive in the 64GB to 2TB range so good luck finding one that you can actively use.

The three main reasons that we use external hard drives are basically getting more space for your computer so you can put more digital stuff on your computer, back up your data – in case anything happens, and nine times out of ten, it will happen, and lastly to share data among data. One of the best external hard drives that you can use is the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop. The website, Seagate, remarks it as an easy-to-use storage solution for your data.

 Popular 3TB External Hard Drive in 2015:

No. 1.WD My Book 3 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Backup

3tb external hard drive

The WD My Book 3 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Backup is the solution to your hard drive problems. The system works “ultra-fast” with USB 3.0 connectivity. Alongside with it has WD SmartWare Pro so your data will always be automatically backed up. If you have a Windows 8 computer interface then you can rejoice that the WD My Book will work extremely wonderful with it. Want to take an extra step to protecting your data then you can protect your data with hardware encryption. And one of the key, selling points that if you’re traveling across the world then rejoice in the fact that WD My Book 3TB features plugins for the electrical outlets that are universal and unique as they are country-specific. Most of 622 reviews feature 389 five-star review from customers are in love with the product.

No.2.Seagate Expansion 3TB Desktop External Drive

external hard drive 3tbNext best 3TB external hard drive is the Seagate Expansion 3TB Desktop External Drive. This is your simple solution to expand your computer beyond the size on which it is capable of accomplishing. First, it is so simply easy for you to use as all you have to do is plug in the power adapter and the USB cable. You can also enjoy fast transfers with computers capable of USB 3.0. And even if you don’t have a computer that’s capable of USB 3.0 but rather USB 2.0. One of the things that one of the reviewers worry about is the external hard drive in regards to it heating it. However, most of reviewers for this particular product that this product can certainly improve.

No.3.Seagate Backup Plus 3TB Desktop External Hard Drive

3tb hard drive externalHowever, the Seagate Backup Plus 3TB Desktop External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup USB 3.0 is another good gadget. It has a massive capacity to protect your files and it’s even compatible with Apple Time Machine. However, what sets this beast apart aside that it’s compatible with both PC and Mac computers without reformatting is that you can back up the external hard drive with your mobile devices with the free Mobile Backup App. Most customers view this product as a solid performer and fast and powerful option to be used.

Conclusion About Best 3TB External Hard Drive

Whether you’re emotionally excited about the hard drive option to supercharge your storage option and you’re afraid that you’re likely to end up having the worst hard drive option out there after spending so much more money than you think, the most important thing you can do is research and be gladly sure that you’re got the best one you could find. Might I add, this list is a great place for you to start out.

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