Best Cheap Smartwatches 2015

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Smartwatch technology is changing and evolving all the time, but you need to know how to select the best cheap smartwatches 2015 has to offer. The intelligent consumer who has decided the time is right for a smartwatch will want to make a careful selection, weighing his eagerness to use the coolest new gadgets against the possibility of improved designs that might hit the market in the near future. Consider these tips to make a choice that will be sure to satisfy you.

 Tips to Buy Best Cheap Smartwatches in 2015

Take time to consider what you need from a smartwatch.First, you’ll want to make sure the smartwatch works with the cell phone you already have. You’ll also need make sure the price is within the range you wish to spend. What type of screen appeals to you? Do you want a watch with fitness apps? One that’s great for playing music? Is it important that the battery hold its charge for an extended period? What sort of tech support is available if you should have a problem? All these factors should cross your mind as you make your selection.

Following is Best Cheap Smartwatches 2015

Best Smartwatches Under $150

  • Pebble Smartwatch1.Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Black) is a lower-priced smartwatch that’s worthy of consideration. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices and allows you to conveniently view notifications on your wrist. You can download varying watch faces to suit your fancy, and you’ll be able to read the screen even in bright sunlight due to its e-Paper display. You can control music playing (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) with this smartwatch, and the rechargeable battery will last you 5-7 days. On the negative side, some owners have reported difficulty in lining up tech support when needed.



  • 2. Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch for Damsung Devises (US Warranty) – Black. Samsung Gear Fit Smart WatchIf fitness is more your interest, check out this Samsung smartwatch that can be worn 24/7 to track your activities. The smartwatch is dust and water resistant and includes a heart rate sensor and real time coaching. It’s compatible with numerous Samsung Galaxy devices and features a curved AMOLED screen appreciated by many users. Be aware, though: some users have reported the pedometer as being less than perfectly accurate.




Best Smartwatch Under $300

3.Motorola Moto 360 - Black Leather Smart Watch

Motorola Moto 360 - Black Leather Smart WatchMotorola Moto 360 is the first smart watch you will like to flaunt rather than hide under your sleeve. It is an eye catching, futuristic and sleek device that you can craftily turn to check the time every two minutes. The Pros: The good part is that its premium materials and unique round design looks very sharp. It doubles as a bedside round clock with its adept included inductive battery charging cradle. Customer’s have found it extremely comfortable and lightweight. The Cons: The bad part is that the 0.43 inches height of this chunky device proclaims its presence even if you do not want it to. Its Android software is gawky and not totally useful. Additionally, the round display of the device is a little awkward and it also has an odd black bar at the bottom. Customer’s did not find its battery life very good.Overall Motorola Moto 360 tries to be the best smartwatch, but it ends up being a nice looking Android watch with a few limitations.

4. The LG Electronics G Watch R-Smart Watch

LG Electronics G Watch RThis smartwatch features the world’s first full circle P-OLED display. It offers both fitness features such as a built in heart monitor as well as the expected smartphone features. It’s compatible with most devices having an Android 4.3 or later operating system. Fans of this smartwatch enjoy its impressive design and wide range of features including voice commands. Many users like the “always on” bright display, and comment that the battery holds a charge well in spite of the constant brightness. However, some have commented that the vibration strength is too low, occasionally leading to missed notifications.


 Conclusion About Best Cheap Smartwatches 2015

With these great watches to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding a smartwatch to fit all of your needs. Just remember to consider exactly what you need a smartwatch to do for you, make a careful selection, and then enjoy the fun and convenience of your new smartwatch.