Best laptop for under $600-January 2015

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THP 15-p030nr best laptop $600he HP 15-p030nr 15.6-Inch Special Edition Laptop with Beats Audio in Red is a stylish and loaded laptop for a reasonable price. It has a good sized screen at 15.6 inches and it weighs in at 5.9 pounds. The operating system is Windows 8.1. The processor is a 1.7 GHZ A-Series Quad-Core A8. It has 8GB of RAM. The hard drive has 1024 GB. There are two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. It also has a Super Multi DVD burner. The wireless type is 802.11bgn. It requires a Lithium ion battery, which is included. These features plus Beats Audio have proved popular with users.

Pros of HP 15-p030nr 15.6-Best laptop for under $600

The appearance of the HP 15-p030nr is a big selling point for it. It has a sleek, rounded edge design that is reminiscent of a much more expensive model. The metallic red color adds to the expensive and cool appearance. Users find they get questions about it based on the appearance because other people are drawn to the way it looks. It looks even more modern when flipped and used like a tablet. Overall the appearance is one strong reason for choosing this model but there are others. HP 15-p030nr best laptop under 600The HP 15-p030nr is also designed to appeal to users who are looking for a powerful memory and a great audio system. The Beats Audio feature is a big draw for music lovers who want to integrate their music collection with music and radio services. The amount of RAM is also a selling feature for music lovers, gamers and anyone who wants to be able to run multiple programs at one time without any noticeable issues with speed and performance. The touchscreen is another feature that users have enjoyed. All of the technology this computer comes with has people praising it but it also has drawbacks.


Cons of HP 15-p030nr 15.6-Best laptop for under $600

Many users have reported a variety of issues with the HP 15-p030nr. Windows 8.1 has come in for a fair number of complaints based on complications arising during installation and heavy operation. Multiple users have stated that the sound system isn’t up to snuff and needs to come with better speakers. This is an important drawback in a computer with Beats Audio. Users also say that it isn’t the best computer for gamers. The battery also has a short life and some users have issues with the fit of the battery.

Despite the drawbacks, the appearance and loaded features make this the best computer for under $600 in January 2015.