How keep your laptop working for longer?

If we take care of things, they last. If you take care of your laptop, you can use it for a long time. You can save lots of money that will be wasted on repairs and replacement. We have a few steps and practices to use your laptop longer time.

Avoid things that can damage your laptop in long run

Do not set up your laptop in a place, hot sunshine directs into. Do not take kids and pets near to the laptop. If you are using the laptop for a long time in one place, set up it in a dust-free environment. It is better if you can wash or sanitize your hands before using the laptop.

It will avoid transferring oiliness to the laptop. The most important thing is to not eat near your laptop. Do not drink your coffee or tea near the laptop. Most of the times laptops get deteriorated by spilling liquids on them. You can also put a waterproof cover on the keypad for extra protection.

Clean it frequently

You might use your daily basis. When you are using your laptop daily basis, it’s normal to stop caring about your laptop. There might be tons of dust layers on your screen and keypad. You simply neglect that. If you take some time to examine your laptop you might see the dust on the laptop. It can be one or two minutes a week. Then you will notice the dust layers on the laptop.

There can be dust particles on vents and jacks too. You can use a paper serviette to clean the laptop. You can also buy a laptop cleaning kit for little money. It will save you more money by avoiding future maintenance works.

Take care of your laptop

You should treat your laptop as your baby. You handle it very carefully when moving it. When you let the lid down, do it slowly, never slam it. Never scratch or push the screen of the laptop. It’s better if you can stick a screen protector on the screen. When you are travelling, use the laptop bag to carry the laptop.

It is better if you can only insert the laptop inside the bag, if there are hard objects inside the bag, it can damage your laptop’s screen. When you close down the lid, be sure there are no objects on the keypad. That is the easiest way to get your screen damaged.

Monitor the system and avoid virus threats

We discussed how to take care of the physical parts of the laptop in previous points. Now, it’s my turn to take care of the software of the laptop. You should monitor the system at least twice a month. You can simply open the task manager and see are there any unwanted programs draining your RAM.

There is also software to monitor the system. You can use this software to delete junk files, disable unwanted startup programs. Updating your Operating system and software often is another way to keep your laptop’s virtual environment healthy. Developers constantly remove bugs and improve their products.

So, if you update to the latest versions, you can avoid lots of trouble. The most important thing is avoiding threats from viruses, malware etc. The first step you should take is to install a Virus guard and update it often. You should run a full system scan once in a while.

It is better if you do not connect suspicious USB drives, portable hard drives to your laptop. When surfing the internet, it is also better to avoid untrusted websites.