How to use your laptop in a healthy way for its battery?

              The battery is one of the main parts of the laptop. It allows the laptop to perform its primary function, mobility. Laptop batteries have a long history. It has evolved from a Nickel Cadmium battery to a Lithium-ion battery.

Almost all modern laptops are powered by Li-ion batteries. There are many misconceptions in society about how to use the laptop battery in a better way. The main reason for these misconceptions is the evolution of laptop batteries. Lots of these misconceptions are based on Nickel batteries.

In modern laptops, Li-ion batteries are used. So, we are writing this article on good practices for Li-ion battery-powered laptops.

Never let the Battery level reach zero

We feel vulnerable when we have money in our pocket and lesser petrol in the car. That is how the battery feels when the battery level reaches zero. So, it is most important to do not to let the battery level reach zero. Li-ion batteries have a limited number of battery cycles.

A battery cycle means one round that the battery level reaches 100 percent to zero percent. Each laptop battery has a limited number of these battery cycles. If you let your battery level to go to zero, you are wasting one of your battery cycles. It is recommended to recharge your battery when it reaches 20%.

Plugged in or not?

                There is a huge debate over this topic. Some argue that it is better to use the laptop, plugged in and some disagree with that. Actually, both of these arguments are correct.

How can that be?

Here is the deal. In modern laptops, automatically disconnect the power supply to the battery when it reaches 100%. Therefore, you do not have to unplug the laptop when it reaches 100% as in early models.

If you are running an intensive program like a game it is better to plug in the laptop because it will optimize the performance of the work. But it has been found that it is not good for the battery to be fully charged the whole time.

The best solution for this is, if you are not running a huge application, it is better to let the battery charge up to 100%, then unplug the laptop and use it. Start charging again when the battery level reaches 20%. If you are using huge applications, it is not wise to use the laptop unplugged, but you can unplug the laptop when you are taking breaks.

By following these steps, you can actively use your battery. It will decrease your battery deterioration rate.

Use software to measure the battery health

There are lots of software on the internet to measure your battery health. You can have an idea of details like discharge cycles, temperature changes and the current battery capacity of your laptop battery.

Using this software, you can have an idea of the deterioration rate of your battery with time.