What should you do if you spill liquid on your laptop?

Turn off the laptop and disconnect from the power supply if plugged in

You can turn off the laptop immediately, by pressing the laptop’s power button for longer time period. That is the first thing you should ever do. If the electricity is in running inside the laptop, it will mix up with the circuits.

You have a better chance to protect inner parts from being short circuit, by disconnecting the power supply before liquid pours inside.

Then remove any devices that are connected to the laptop, like the mouse, USB keyboard, speakers, pen drives.

Turn it upside down and let the liquid pour out

After disconnecting the power, you can do another step to avoid damage to internal parts.

Turn the laptop upside down and let the liquid pour out. This will avoid liquid pour inside the laptop through keys on keyboard. In lots of models, you can easily remove the battery from the laptop. In some models, you have to remove the chassis. If you are not familiar with removing the chassis, we do not advise you to open it inside.

After removing the battery, you can wipe the liquid on the laptop surface with a lint-free cloth or towel.

Open the chassis

If your laptop’s warranty period has not expired, you should not open the chassis. But on the other hand, if the liquid is spilt on your laptop warranty might be cancelled. If you are inside the warranty period, it is better to ask your manufacturer before open the chassis.

If your warranty period is expired, you can open the chassis. You can use an int-fee cloth or paper serviette to clean the inner parts. But if you do not have any experience it is better to take the laptop to a technician. It is really challenging to assemble the laptop after cleaning if you do not have experience before in assembling laptops.

Even if you have experience in assembling laptop at home, it is better to bring the laptop to a maintenance centre if you have spilt liquid other than water. If coffee, tea, Coca-Cola or Soda spilt on the laptop, even if you dry off the inner parts using a paper serviette or towel at home, they might leave some minerals or acidity behind.

That can make a short circuit inside your laptop. It is better to bring the laptop to a professional if any other liquid other than spilt on your laptop. They have powerful solvents and ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean laptops.

48 hour rule

You have spilt liquid on your laptop. That is strike one. You have a price to pay for it. If you turn on the laptop just after cleaning, it is strike two.

You will make your laptop short circuit and it can damage permanently. Patience is the key here. It is recommended to wait 48 hours, if you can’t, at least wait one day.

Some people will tell you to put the laptop inside a rice bag, but it won’t help you much. It can make the situation worst, if rice grains go inside the USB ports and other jacks.